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  • Lisa Moore

    Great coach!! Cyr Wheel workshop was awesome!!! #bethespokesforyourwheel

    Lisa Moore
  • Tom Walsh

    Definitely recommend Ronan to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and to push themselves to their limit. Excellent advice in all aspects from nutrition and flexibility to strength and conditioning.

    Tom Walsh
  • Orla Buckley

    Ronan is amazing at Cyr wheel and also a fantastic coach – he knows how to keep you motivated and when your not getting something he knows how to break it down a different way ! Cyr wheel is a difficult thing to learn but Ronan is an excellent teacher – I am already looking forward to the next Cyr wheel session in Sligo – anybody who is interested in Cyr wheel there is no one better at teaching it than Ronan and he will have you spinning in a wheel in no time

    Orla Buckley
  • Orna Grant

    I’ve had 10+ hours of cyr wheel coaching from Ronan and would definitely recommend him as a teacher. He knows his stuff and is great for picking up on exactly what you should be doing to improve.

    Orna Grant
  • Michelle Ní Cába

    Ronan was a phenomenal instructor and has a way of teaching that is second to none. Its unbelievable how one person can motivate you to extents you never knew existed. Ronan’s passion and dedication was clear and naturally came through in the way he thought, it was impossible to become anything but enthusiastic and determined from that. I left the weekend pumped and inspired and I’m ready for more.

    Michelle Ní Cába
  • Martin Hickey

    Ronan has an unbelievable eye for detail and makes all his session both fun and challenging.
    Really looking forward to seeing his clients progress over the next few months.

    Martin Hickey