How to “become your anomaly”?

What is an Anomaly….?

By definition….

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 21.55.15

So lets pretend to be scientists conducting an experiment, we’ll pick the sexy words we like, and discard the “outliers”

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 17.23.22

Take abnormality, deviation, quirk, freak, exception….

All terms I love.  


Well not quite.

I’m thinking more like Tim here….

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 22.11.42

So am I saying to

be a dick like Tim?

No I’m not.

Am I saying not to

give a shit?

No I’m not.

It’s not about being a dick,

or not giving a shit.

It’s about caring less about other

peoples opinions of you.

But it’s about being you

The real you!

Not the “you” that society dictates.

Not the you that was told

go to school,

get good grades.

Go to college and get a degree.

Get a good stable pensionable job…


I’m talking about

The fun you

The stress free you

The productive you

The you,

that you were meant to be!!


Maybe you’ve found yourself in

a place you’re not that happy about…

You’re not fulfilled,

You’re not performing.

You are stuck.


Maybe you’re not stuck at all!

Maybe you find yourself in a

fairly good place,

But still feel there is more to you…

More you can achieve!

So how do you be “your anomaly”?

You rediscover your passions in life.

Unleash your inner child once again.

Find enjoyment in the simple things.

“We don’t stop playing when we get old,

We get old when we stop playing”

-George Bernard Shaw


Fitting in.

That’s cool…

It’s safe.

It’s comfortable.

And for most people it’s

the thing to do.

But some people just

don’t belong.

Your mind is constantly elsewhere.

Sometimes however,

the environment you find yourself in

doesn’t make it easy for you to move

in a different direction…

Like poor old Fox here….

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 22.47.16

See what I mean??

I know what he’s thinking…

“Keep moving forward foxy boy,

keep your mouth shut and

maybe nobody will notice…”

So again…

How do you “become your anomaly”?

That’s for you to decide I’m afraid.

Be true to yourself…

Have confidence in yourself…

And from confidence,

Some serious shit can happen!!

Now’s your chance!

Allow me to help…


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