Yes, there is a big finger pointing it’s way in your direction.

That might give you some clue as to where this is going…

I’ll try to keep it brief..

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 08.12.18

Certain things in life are simply uncontrollable.

The weather, your hair when it starts to rain etc…

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 09.01.20

Most things though, are completely in your control.

I was driving to Dublin the other morning.

Usual deal, headphones in, listening to a podcast.

(This one in case you are interested)

How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Alain de Botton

Took a break from the podcast to listen

to some tunes on the radio.

AA road watch comes on and tells me the M50

south-bound is closed off…

SHIT! “Golly gee shucks” I thought to myself.

So I type the address into the saviour Google Maps.

I hit the little check box that says “avoid highways”

What are these these “highways” you speak of google…?

Now, for anyone who has not used google maps

on their phone for directions,

it change’s its mind on the route

more often than the Irish weather.

Go this way,

no, wait,

this way is 1min faster.. type of thing.

It theirs a gap, google maps will find it.

You could end up anywhere!

So I was driving along, and every time I’d see a

sign for my destination,

Mrs. Google would take me a different route.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 09.08.11

Now, I’ve used her before so I know her form,

We had trust issues in the beginning

but we’ve worked through

them you’ll be glad to hear. 

And sure enough we arrived.

But as I was driving I was thinking

“This robotic voice has complete control

on where I am going right now”

We were gone so far off the beaten track

I’d have had to do something drastic,

stop ask for directions…

And that sure as hell wasn’t happening.

So I had to follow Google’s lead.

A man is always in control when he’s driving…

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 08.36.09

So what has this to do with accountability?

Well I was happy out you see…

I had to be there for a certain time,

but if I was late, I now had two excuses.

  1. The M50 being blocked up
  2. I don’t know Dublin too well and “The Google” brought me arse-ways!

Happy Days.

Which is all bollox an excuse.

  1. I should have checked the traffic before leaving.
  2. I should have looked up on a map how to get to my location before leaving.
  3. I should have left more time to get there due to the new circumstances.

All the above were controllable.

In other words,

I made the decision to put Google in control! 

I passed the book.

I created an excuse.

It’s simple.

I’m either on time, or I’m not.

If I’m not on time, who’s fault is it?


Everything else is just an excuse…

And it happens in most scenarios.

It will sometimes look like it’s someone else’s fault.

But if you track back the process far enough,

you’ve allowed that person take control.

The great thing about accountability is,

as soon as you realise it’s you that is accountable,

you are back in control!

So when it comes to your fitness and health.

If you are not in a place right now you are happy with.

Who is accountable?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 08.56.18

This little post ain’t about blaming people.

It’s not about making people feel bad.

It’s about empowering people.

Take back control.

Be accountable to yourself.

When you take responsibility, you take control!

Great things can happen from there.

If you need help with any of your fitness or nutrition decisions,

Get in contact.


I made it on time.


Ronan “Which Way Now Google” Brady

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