Wisdom.. Where does it come from?

Listening to a podcast the other day and I

came across the term “Wisdom is expensive”.


And I have to agree…

When we think of someone who is wise, in a particular field, they have generally spent many years studying it.

Now to me, there are only two ways of acquiring wisdom.


  1. Mistakes that cost you personal suffering or loss.  


I’ve had many injuries throughout the years. One recurring injury was (and still is) an ankle injury. Many many times I’ve gone over on it, sprained it, torn ligaments etc.

The beauty of competitive sport is there is always another game coming up. When you’re injured though, that poses its own problem. Now an injury doesn’t have a “recovery period”, it has a deadline.

Anyone who has set foot in a GAA, soccer, rugby etc. dressing room will know the amount of pre-match taping of joints that goes on.


Now I accept that this is necessary when you need to get through a game, or through to the end of a season. But at what point does the issue get addressed?

Most often these injuries are forgotten about at the end of the season, never addressed and only crop up again at the beginning at the next season as they have not been fully rehabilitated.

The cycle starts again.

To me it just became the routine. I’ve a game, I’ve to tape my ankle, cool. It was like a pre-game ritual. Strapping was so good there would be no pain in the joint during games. It would flare up after though.


Fast forward a few years. With recovery taking longer and longer between sessions, an MRI scan was had ,and it showed I had arthritic ankle.

Now arthritis is something that people who put a lot of miles and pressure on joints during sports careers should probably expect down the road. Not at the age of 25 though….

Lesson learned.

*Lesson for those that are confused.

If your joints need taping, strapping, supporting during activity,


Acknowledge it, take a step back and address it. Make it your top priority.

Buying a support, brace or strapping is not a solution, it is like painting over a crack. 

Connective tissue has a metabolic rate 10 times that of muscle tissue.


Muscle tear: 6 week injury

Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear: 60 weeks…

So look after your joints…

If you are getting stronger in your lifts but for example:  your wrists are hurting, slow down. Either your mobility is lacking in that area or your connective tissue hasn’t adapted to overlad as fast your muscle tissue. Slow down,  decrease training intensity and increase training volume.

(Lower the weight, increase the reps)

Use this “catch up period” to dial in on technique and other skill work. Otherwise that wrist pain develops into tendonitis or a tear. You choose.

You are neither right or wrong when you decide to play with injuries, just know the potential consequences, and ask yourself if the just is worth the squeeze…

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 22.21.34.png

This was an expensive lesson, it cost me time as an inter-county and club footballer, it has also cost me the optimal functionality of a part of my body. The greatest thing you will truly own in your life.

Both things are irreplaceable…

Note to any young athlete reading this: Where competition starts, health ends. Training for health and training for competition are two very different things…


2. Mistakes that cost you a shit tonne  lot of money.


You buy a car, the man in the garage says to use a specific oil (a very expensive brand). You are to service it every 10,000 miles at a manufacturer approved garage and ensure you buy diesel from a reputable source.

Easy enough instructions, and free advice.

You begrudge the expert though, for trying to make more money off you by servicing it at his garage, and buying expensive oil…

So you proceed to service it yourself every 20,000 miles and use cheaper oil to save a few bob. You also buy diesel from the “pump around the back” of the filling station  thats 10cent per litre cheaper for some mystery…

You save money in the short term, but then your engine goes and you’re fucked in trouble because the warranty is void and you’ve no comeback.

The garage want a fortune to replace the engine, so you get “the lad down the road” to change the engine instead for half the price. He does a bad job, and you end up having to pay the garage to change the engine anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 22.39.24

Lesson learned…

What did it cost you?

Money. But that shit comes and goes…. or goes and goes as it feels sometimes.



Two way of becoming wise..

Both expensive..

One more costly than the other in my opinion..


But wait, there’s a third!

I hid that one one you.. Pure snaaaakey!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 07.25.45

Instead of you learning the hard way, you go to the guy who has learned the hard way.

You seek out their time, knowledge, expertise, and experience. (wisdom)

Call it mentoring, training, apprenticeship, study, further education.. whatever.


You speed up your learning curve, reduce your chances of heart-ache, injury and save time. 


Chances are you will have to pay for this service, but let’s face it. Free advice is never taken too seriously. Like possibly this blog post.


If you need help with your training, or would just like to get started. Get in contact..



086 3480038


Ronan “Wise Guy” Brady


Maybe I’ve missed something..

Feel free to comment.


If you are looking for some free advice on nutrition, try implementing some of the information here on fat loss and here on what to eat.

Implement this advice gradually and don’t just launch into it..

You’re welcome


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