This is a old post of mine.

From last summer,

the night of the McGregor Mendes fight.


But I like it so I’m reposting…

Let me know what you think….




Thoughts are powerful.

Really powerful.

Have you ever had deja vu?

Just for a moment you think

to yourself,

“holy shit, I’ve been here before”

Hungover on a Monday morning

heading into work does not count!

Well for me, Deja Vu don’t exist.

We haven’t actually been to

“these places” before,

in another life or parallel universe.

We’ve just seen these places before.


Through visualisation.

Where the mind goes,

the body will follow.

Its true.

And so so powerful.

And it works in the positive and the negative.

So stop thinking bad shit!

We see something….

A moment in time.

And it comes through.

It’s often subconscious.

But its still powerful enough

to influence your thoughts and

actions to eventually lead you

to where you pictured.


tonight I found myself searching

the city of Montreal,

trying to find a pub showing

the Conor McGregor – Chad Mendes fight.

Luckily I did.

I could hear the roars and cheers

from a block away and started to run.

I ran in the door just as he was

being sung out by Sinead O’Connor

to the Foggy Dew.

What a moment!

It sent shivers down my spine..

I got quite excited…

Now how did all this happen?

How did this loud mouth, cocky

jackeen (I love him BTW)

end up in the MGM Grand

fighting for a UFC belt?

He pictured it.

Way before anyone else.

He seen it, and kept seeing it,

until he was there.


And why is he the best?

Mendes says because of his accuracy.

But how is he so accurate?

Because he see’s the strikes and

kicks before they happen.

He visualises them.

Then they happen!

It works.

This ain’t no hocus pocus.

But it takes practice…

…Try it…


He would have imagined

winning it in Ireland,

in a stadium,

against Jose Aldo,

without being pinned to the

ground the entire second round,

with a gashed eye

but the belt around his waist

would have been the strongest vision.

The rest were minor details..

And the strongest vision was the result…

Ronan “Visionary” Brady


Try not to run straight in the

door of a pub,

past the bouncer,

and start pumping your

fist in the air shouting


They don’t take too kindly to it..

I swear I didn’t see him.






So do you use visualisation?

How so?

Let me know…

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