Eating good food is just too God damn expensive…

Eating healthy ain’t cheap!
It’s soooo expensive…

I mean, by the time I’ve bought myself adequate protein,
added in some veg and some healthy fats,
I ain’t got any money left for my Nike trainers,
My €4 latte over at “Costa fcuking fortune”
The latest contouring kit….
My €700 iphone…
A €10 cocktail at the weekend..
All my skincare products that are most likely covering up
blemishes that stem from cutting costs on quality food in
the first place….

You see we simply need to prioritise.

Ya in a perfect world we all go organic or home grown etc.

But this is the real world.

We have commitments and overheads.
Rent, car loan, bills to pay etc.
It can genuinely get really expensive.

But maybe it’s time to take a look at what your main outgoings are and decide what’s actually important…

Take a look at Maslow’s 7 hierarchy of needs…

At the very foundation is Breathing, Eating, Drinking..
Then above comes security…as in a roof over your head.

Now to me, most of us have this pyramid all mixed up…

We spend most of our time focusing on the Green section…

Keeping up with the Joneses so to speak.

We are chasing self esteem and popularity..

Must have the latest boots.. phone…holiday..

Like what the actual fuck….

How can we actually say we can’t afford to eat good quality food when we spend so much money on material goods?

Write down how much you are spending on
Beauty products,
Direct debits.. Spotify, Apple Music, Sky, UPC, Netflix

The list goes on.

Check then how much of that could be spent on better food.

Here’s the new version of Maslow’s 7 hierarchy of needs BTW

But seriously..
Here’s some stuff you can use…

Seen this earlier in town…


You have approx 550g of protein here,

over six days..

That’s just over 90g of protein per day for you.
€25 / 6days = Just over €4 per day…

There goes your latte guess.. such sacrifice. 😛

Add in some protein at breakfast and Bobs your teapot.

Watch those sausages though.. they’re a calorie dense source for only maybe 50g of protein…

Maybe eat out one day week if you need to.

Add in a large bag of spuds, some rice, carrots, green leafy veg and that’s your lunch and dinner sorted for a working week and treat yourself to eating out at the weekend..

So what i’m saying here really is what are your priorities?

If you find it hard afford quality food but have €15,000 car sitting in the drive, an Armani watch in the drawer and weekly alcohol spend exceeding that of what I’ve described above then please please please don’t tell me it’s too expensive  to eat healthy…

Ronan “I Get it, But it’s Possible” Brady.


At the end of the day it’s completely up to you
where and on what you spend your money on.

But if fat loss is your goal… Excuses are not going to help..


If you’re looking for help with you training or nutrition, get in touch


086 34 80038

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