All you need to think about before you eat…(It’s easier than you think)

All you need to think about before you eat…

This is not an IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) post.
Food quality comes first..

There are 3 macro-nutrients

Protein: For repair, growth, healing etc…
Fats: For health, hormone regulation, good skin hair etc…
Carbohydrates: For energy and fuel.

(Eat most your carbohydrates for the day pre and post training/most active part of the day)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.31.11

Get in some protein and some fat.
Protein to leave you feeling fuller for longer,
(avoid the 11am caffeine +sugar craving)
and the fats to kick start your brain because
that’s probably something you’re gonna need today…
Have a coffee/tea if you need it.


Some “fast-food” snack and some water.

What I mean by fast food is some fruit or some raw veg, (sliced up carrots etc.)
Yo don’t get much faster than a banana..
Note: if you struggle with your weight, break time is not
a good time to have a tea/coffee..
(You will tell yourself you deserve a little treat
with that coffee, buns, scones etc.
even though, lets face it, you haven’t done anything
“treat worthy” all morning..)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.33.28

Lunch time:
Some protein, fats and carbs…
Have your post lunch cup of tea here..
Because it’s a tradition Marty Brady taught me all
those years cutting turf on the bog, and I feel it’s a tradition
that should be shared… 🙂
Top tip: Flick on the kettle before you have finished the meal #lifehack
Oh shit, this is a tricky one… 

This is where you are driving home, you haven’t though of
what you’re gonna eat for dinner, so you pull into the shop,
buy whatever is on offer that day, (along with a madeira cake or packet
of biscuits)
Get home, crack on the kettle,
have a few slices of madeira cake/biscuits,
watch soap of your choice….
And then decide it’s too late to throw a chicken in the oven…

Any of the above sound familiar?
Yep, it’s hard, but it’s only a habit.
Break it.

Here’s a suggestion and possible example:

Start to think what’s for dinner a couple of days in advance.
Spend every second day cooking and cook two different meals,
But enough for 5ish servings..

Monday night cook: 
1. Some fish (couple of different types), Some pork chops.
2. Some starchy carb, (potato, sweet potato,
butternut squash, rice etc.)
3. Some other veg.. greens, peppers etc. (make it colourful)
4. Add butter.. (fats covered)

Monday night: Eat pork chops…
Tuesday lunch: Eat one of the fish options.
Tuesday night: Eat pork chops
Wednesday Lunch: Other Fish
Wednesday night: Chops as watch your soaps,
then cook again, (Something different)

The above may seem boring and predictable,
The same thing every second say.
You’re right, it is.
But so is having the same coffee and cereal for breakfast,
The same coffee and treat for break.
The same footlong from Subway at lunch
And the same pre made dinner from the shop
or dominos pizza in the evening…

What you are doing now, is generally quite predictable,
we are creatures of habit.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.41.19

Get organised,
Pre plan.

Please Please Please do not become a tupperware junkie!
That is not sustainable model.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.35.47
Nothing about this picture is appealing to me. Except maybe the leather chairs…

And also:
– Stop feeling guilty when you do have treats.
– Stop calling it a fucking “Cheat Meal”
(Who are you cheating on??? Eat it and enjoy it!)
– Stop saying “I’m being bold” when you eat something that isn’t considered healthy…
– And stop saying you are “on a diet…” You are simple eating.

Ronan “Simple Approach” Brady


Drink more water…


Want more in depth advice?


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or simply email

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