Kipping Ain’t Easy – Mind your shoulders!!

Kipping ain’t easy….

I posted a “kipping tip” video earlier today..

At the risk of encouraging irresponsible behaviour,
I though I’d set the record straight on whether or
not kipping is something you should be doing…

Kipping is something thats gonna allow you
perform a larger number of reps in a
shorter period of time.

However, it’s not something you want to
use to compensate for a weakness.

Before doing kipping pull ups,
do strict pull ups…

Before doing kipping muscle – ups,
do strict muscle ups…

“Why though Ronan, surely kipping is going to make it easier

to get up??

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 22.26.23

Yes, but not safer! 

Consider how strong your shoulders/elbows/wrists/grip are currently.

If those joints haven’t been able to perform pull ups and muscle ups
for reps in a strict fashion up to now,
Then there’s a great chance you are just going mess yourself up.

See up to now in hanging movements from a bar / rings,
your joints have been subject to your “static” body weight,
but add a kip and you are now subjecting it to a “dynamic load”.

Lets say you weight 80kg..

Hanging from a bar will give you 40kg per arm,
provided you have no imbalances.
(which is unlikely)

40 kg is quite a load for one are
if you consider the following movements:

-40kg single arm bent over row
-40kg dumbbell press
-40kg dumbbell Over head press etc.

How many of them can you perform?


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 22.32.21

Ok, now lets consider the dynamic load. 

So from my experience in the performing world,
hanging out with riggers and doing an aerial rigging course,
I’ve got to play around with dynamic load cells on
equipment we’ve rigged.

We’ve never quite hit x2 times the load,
But we’ve got up to x1.8…

So lets look at the maths again…

80kg x 1.8 = 144kg

144kg / 2 = 72kg…

Lets look at those exercises again…

-72kg dumbbell bent over row (horizontal pull)
-72kg dumbbell press (horizontal push)
-72kg dumbbell over head press (Vertical push)

-I say dumbbell to show they are all one arm movements
and also I can’t imagine even attempting to pick up a 72kg dumbbell! –

Would you consider any of your joints/muscles
prepared or even capable of moving that kind of load?

I didn’t think so…

So why all of a sudden do we think that in a
“vertical pull” (Pull up) we are capable of it?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 22.33.46

So whats this blog about?

Don’t be in a hurry to mess up your body simply because you
want to do a movement that looks cool..

Know you limits.
Think rational progressions.

Look after your body..

It is yours,
You are responsible for it.

Blame no one but yourself should something go wrong.

I hope your training is going well.

If you are looking for any help with your training,

Get in touch.

Ronan “Mind your Shoulders” Brady


086 43480048

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