The future does not exist…

I’m sorry folks..

That’s the reality.

It’s not there!


How do I know?

Let go all CSI Athlone on this one…

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.18.17

My mate Horatio here will tell you,

We need evidence for something to exist.

There is simply no evidence of the future.

So it can’t exist!


What else is there?

Well there is the past…

But in fairness, we can do sweeeeeet feck all about that.


Only learn from it.

And look back on in,


or not so fondly.

Either way it’s done.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.28.06

And last but not least…

The present! Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.26.23

No, not that kind of present..


Right now!,


Your current reality.

What you are doing right now.


That is what you are prioritising.

Ie. Reading this.


So now lets go back to the future not existing..

How many times have you promised yourself

you were going to do something.

Visit that friend from college.

Go on that holiday.

Spruce up the garden,

Paint the shed,

or the regular,

Get in shape for summer..

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 16.04.40
Outfit Sorted!

Goes something like:

1.Book holiday.

Lovely, now we’re going…

2. Buy beach outfit too small for you.

See now I have to get in shape as otherwise I wont have anything to wear..

3. Join gym.

Yehaw, It’s all coming together….



Here the problems start.

You’re not really sure what to do.

Don’t know where to start,

How to do different exercises,

how often,

what intensities

etc. etc. etc.

As a result:


Wheels come off.

You go on holiday,

not happy with how you look

so you cover up on the beach and don’t

even wear your nice new outfit.


Shame really, for two reasons.

A: That despite what shape you are in,

you don’t love your body for what it is.

Go on holidays, embrace the sunshine and have fun.


B: You promised yourself you’d do something in the future..

Ticked all the boxes for what you “promised” yourself you’d do.

But never actually done it.


Side note:

I’ve a client who was to get in two sessions while I was away and instead,

bought a bike….didn’t cycle it… Just bought it..

Do you see what I’m talking about?

(you know who you are)





Your present reality,

(Fitness levels/shape/ confidence levels)

are the sum of all those “past, present moments


Not future moments.



So what to do next…



into your email address bar…





Subject line:

Thank you.


Ronan, your blog post has inspired me…

I need you help.

When are you next available for an appointment.

Call me on this number _____________ at this time______

I’m really interested in ________________






And we’ll get the ball rolling from there. 😉


Ronan “Right Hook” Brady



My calendar has got pretty full the past week or two.

If you have been considering working with me up to now and

haven’t got around to it, now is the time.

I have availability up until June  but then I’ve a few creative projects

that will take me on the road for most of the summer. 😉


Ask yourself,

Do you deserve 6 weeks of personal training to finally get started on a

sustainable training program that I can keep up in the long term?








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