Beware Shitty Advice

The past while I have received some lovely messages and emails. They’ve expressed admiration and thanks and said that what I’m doing has helped them re-evaluate stuff in their lives.

What am I doing exactly?
I’m taking a shot.
That’s all.
Simply having a go.

It did get me a little worried though that I may be sending out the wrong message and that this is all easy. I don’t think I am; but just in case…

If I was to do it again, would I do it differently?


“Quit your job and follow your passion” is possibly the most irresponsible advice anyone could give. At least to a lazy person that is.

Passion just doesn’t cut it on its own.
Hard work and constant effort are required. Working hours go out the window because when you are trying to do something for yourself, there is nowhere to clock out. You will always be on.

What advice to I have?


Factor in potentially not making any money for 6-12 months and at a minimum be set up so you can pay all your bills for said period.
If you can’t do that then make your bills smaller. Lose the sh*t you don’t need. Sky Tv, Netflix and all the other stuff that isn’t really all that important. Get really efficient with your outgoings. Forget holidays, forget eating out and go through all your direct debits and see what can be dropped.
All you’re gonna do from now is work, so accommodation, food and transport is all you actually need.

The people around you are really important and must be on board before you can commit. You are quite likely to see some lean and dark times both financially and emotionally so be prepared and have good people around you. If your relationship is rocky as it is, this shit will most likely push it to its limits, So really really consider whether you want to do this!

*If the people around you aren’t buying in, seriously consider you may actually be wrong to peruse this and it’s a terrible idea.. consider that too.*

Self confidence:
You have to back yourself. You have to believe you can do it and once you commit, you are all in. This idea is going to be carried on your shoulders and you will champion it. If you don’t believe it, it will carry through and fail.
Believe and have courage.

Other option:

People may or may not be aware, there is another option.
If you love what it is you want to do, if you really are that passionate and want to do it so bad, then start it already.
You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to “take a leap of faith”.

Six in the evening to 1 in the morning is perfectly good time to do your thing.

Take those hours, and instead of watching soaps or Netflix or scrolling through insta or Facebook get to bloody work.

Don’t over complicate things either.
To get started ask yourself this question.

“If this were easy, what would it look like?”

Then do that. Once it’s started and you see it’s working or worth perusing, expand on it.
Just get started.

Note: If you aren’t willing to do it in the evening then chances are to you won’t be willing to do it during the day either so take note of how you respond to that suggestion…

Final word.

The reality is, a lot of people aren’t designed to be out on their own. Some people are better working for someone else.
Try to understand which one you are better suited to.

Following people online can be great for inspiration etc. but you’ve got to be careful looking at other people’s social media and online presence.

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your day to day with their highlight reel.

My experience to date has been really eye opening. Good months to bad months.

-Constantly questioning whether it’s all worth it.
-Borrowing money to make it to the next payment.
-Asking friends to use couches and spare rooms to save money for training.
-Taking the bus and carrying loads of kit because it’s cheaper than driving.
-Missing important dates and family events due to work at strange times.
-Spending less on food at times to pay for coaching
-Not organising physio appointments due to lack of funds despite being injured.

Lots more but hard to list all.
You do what you gotta to make it all work.

Ronan “hope this helps” Brady

Thanks you to those who have helped me to date and continue to help me. I truly am blessed.

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