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Beware Shitty Advice

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The past while I have received some lovely messages and emails. They’ve expressed admiration and thanks and said that what I’m doing has helped them re-evaluate stuff in their lives.

What am I doing exactly?
I’m taking a shot.
That’s all.
Simply having a go.

It did get me a little worried though that I may be sending out the wrong message and that this is all easy. I don’t think I am; but just in case…

If I was to do it again, would I do it differently?


All you need to think about before you eat…(It’s easier than you think)

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All you need to think about before you eat…

This is not an IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) post.
Food quality comes first..

There are 3 macro-nutrients

Protein: For repair, growth, healing etc…
Fats: For health, hormone regulation, good skin hair etc…
Carbohydrates: For energy and fuel.

(Eat most your carbohydrates for the day pre and post training/most active part of the day)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.31.11


So you’re injured then?

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*Warning, some cursing, and GAA talk ahead…

Tricky one…


You’ve got an injury..

How do you continue to train?

Should you be training at all?

What even caused the injury?

How do I get better faster?



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This is a old post of mine.

From last summer,

the night of the McGregor Mendes fight.


But I like it so I’m reposting…

Let me know what you think…. (more…)

Wisdom.. Where does it come from?

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Listening to a podcast the other day and I

came across the term “Wisdom is expensive”.


And I have to agree…

When we think of someone who is wise, in a particular field, they have generally spent many years studying it.

Now to me, there are only two ways of acquiring wisdom. (more…)