Online training coming soon….

Having transitioned from GAA to a physical artist, I have had to fast track my learning of certain skills and attributes.

I know:

  • What exercises will give you the biggest bang for buck while staying safe.
  • Exactly what it’s like not to be able to perform a cartwheel at the age of 25.
  • How it feels not be able to touch my toes or get anywhere near a backbridge.
  • It’s tough as an adult to pursue these type of exercises as they can be quite humbling and let’s face it, we were more fearless as kids.
  • I have been there.


So with that I am putting together a package that will introduce you to some basic gymnastic strength training while improving overall mobility and physical health.
It will look at midline stability, mobilising hips, shoulders and upper back. We will look at accessible and safe progressions to handstands, pistol leg squats and muscle ups.
If interested,

Simply fill in the below form or email:


Here’s an example of some back bridging exercises to try out as an example while you’re waiting. If you like it, feel free to share.