Handstands Athlone

Having recently set up in the Fusion Training Centre Athlone, I wanted to help others learn the basics and fundamentals of handstands.


My own journey to achieving a handstand was an interesting one.

From the thinking “Ya, that looks easy”, to actually sticking a freestanding handstand was a much longer process than I imagined.


Breaking down the functionality of each body part, joint and muscle towards hand balancing, realising the weaknesses, being humble enough to acknowledge those weaknesses, and then beginning the gradual process of building them up and making them stronger.

It was a process that would have been much quicker had I sought out the correct help and guidance.

I would prefer if other people did not have to go through what I did, and they can save some time on learning how to prep the body and save them the pain of overuse injury’s.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right expertise for the skills you are hoping to learn.

I am looking to share that knowledge with the people of Athlone.



We currently have a small dedicated group.

One students answer to the question:

Me: “Why would you like to learn handstands?

Tom: “To play with my 7 year old daughter…”


To me there is no better answer.




To learn more or to get involved contact:


or fill in the following form.



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