Cyr Wheel Ireland



The goal:

To introduce Ireland to the magical apparatus that is “Cyr Wheel”.

IMG_9121Practice at IADF 2015


Through performing in shows, coaching workshops and media exposure I hope to infect the country with the addictive, eye catching and most enjoyable of all circus apparatus.. (I may be a little biased there)

Members from our improvers workshop at Galway Community Circus


Members from our beginners workshop at Galway Community Circus
Sligo Cyr Club workshop


How did all this come about:

Having been introduced to the apparatus at the Irish Aerial Dance Festival back in 2013, my jaw dropped and I fell in love.


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.27.00My introduction to Roue Cyr back in 2013


I had seen the apparatus before when Cirque du Soleil came to Dublin. I had never considered though, that someone from Ireland could do this.. strange huh?

I guess it’s the Irish way.

“Sure what would you be at that messing for?” haha

And anyway, I didn’t have time for it.

Growing up in some parts of Ireland it an be GAA or nothing..

I was going to make the Roscommon Senior Football team and win an All-Ireland medal at the time,  so I couldn’t be bothering my mind with such silly things.


General_Roscommon_group_BursariesReceiving a Connacht GAA scholarship in my college days


          3228176975_4083a82747_oPlaying the McGrath Cup Final for U.L


Time rolled on and unfortunately I didn’t win that All-Ireland, but we did manage a Connacht medal in 2010, which at the time seemed like the first of many… Funny how life goes.



Roscommon dressing room after the Connacht Final 2010


But now that life is behind me, both forced through injury and fuelled by the desire to pursue challenges as an individual.


I made myself a wheel, I practiced like hell, and fell out of it many many times.



Having taken myself as far as I could go “experimenting” and self teaching in late 2013 and early 2014, I decided I needed more help.


I have flown to both Quebec City in the summer of 2014

IMG_4258Ecole Du Cirque, Quebec City summer 2014



and Montreal in the Summer 2015 to further educate myself on the apparatus.

IMG_9496“The Minutes” performing in Montreal Summer 2015


IMG_9756Practicing in “La Caserne” in Montreal 2015


In between travelling abroad for training I have had the privilege of performing my acts all over Ireland, working with some fantastic people along the way.


A special thanks to:

Shane Holohan of Taking Flight: Aerial and Acrobatics Classes in Dublin

Chantal McCormick of Fidget Feet Aerial Dance

Krin Haglund of Le Radiant | The Radiant


If you would like to learn more about Roue Cyr, how to get involved, or are interested in having me perform at your event, please fill in the form.





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