Press and Media

Tv appearances and video

RTE News and Sport Spotlight

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Link: RTE News Sport Spotlight February 2017 (Video)

RTE One - The Ray Darcy Show


Link: The Ray Darcy Show March 2017 (Video)

Documentary Piece. Mar. 2017


Link: Documentary Piece Johnny Mac Cann (Video) March 2017

TV3 - The Six O'Clock Show

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Link: The Six O’clock Show TV3 February 2017 (Video)

Print Media

Irish Independent - Kirsty Blake Knox

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Link: Irish Independent Spotlight March 2017

Irish Times - Colin Regan
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Irish Times by Colin Regan

Link: Irish Times Article September 2016

Irish Times - "How to be a man" Patrick Freyne

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Link: “How to be a man” Series (Sept. 2016) - GAA to Circus

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Link: article March 2017

Radio Interviews

RTE Radio 1 - The Ray Darcy Show

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Link: The Ray Darcy Radio Show with Baz (Facebook Live) February 2017

RTE Radio 1 - The Ray Darcy show


Link: Ray Darcy Show Radio Interview Audio Link

RTE 2FM - The Nicky Byrne Show

The Nicky Byrne Show 2fm March 2107

RTE 2FM - The Nicky Byrne Show

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Link: Coaching Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene Cyr Wheel on 2FM (Video)

Other Media

Aerial Cirque - Carnival at the Round Room

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Carnival in the Round room, Mansion House 2016

RIOT - Best Production, Dublin Tiger Fringe 2016


Link: Wrap reel from “RIOT” best production at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance - Cinder and the Ella's

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Link: Fidget Feet – Cinder and the Ella’s

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance - Epic Ireland Launch

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Link: Epic Ireland Launch – Che Guevara

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance - Christmas Under the Clock

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Link: “Christmas Under the Clock” on the GPO building 2015